How it works

 How It Works

  • HSG offers the traditional benefits of solar panel ownership, generating free electricity from the sun with minimal carbon impact. Using solar generated electricity limits dependence on non-renewable fuel sources.
  • Members receive their solar-generated electricity using virtual net metering.  The electricity generated by HSG is metered as it is fed into National Grid’s distribution network, allowing the utility to allocate credit for the electricity directly to the electric bills of participants.
  • In order to be able to utilize virtual net metering, members may reside in any town in the National Grid WCMA load zone.  Towns in the load zone are listed here: HSG Load Zone
  • There is no impact to the members’ property – no roof construction, site work, or electrical service modifications are required.  All maintenance and other expenses are shared among all members.
  • The expected lifespan of HSG is a minimum of 25 years.
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